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Insomnia Snippets Online!!

The wait is over. Just posted snippets of the new (Hed) Insomnia tracks:

Credits to Onan for the killer upload!

Pre-Order Insomnia Now!!


New Jahred Message - We Need Your Help!

Well its official!!! The Internet has changed the face of the music industry, and Indy bands like us are loving it!!!

Last week we asked you guys to call into Hard Attack Radio and request our new song SUFFA, and within one week it jumped from number 84 to number 4. that's _ing amazing!!!

We've been around for a long time, and sometimes its hard to feel the impact that you're actually having on the youth. They see a government that doesn't give a _ about that they think, and these kids want to know that they actually have some kind of real power. The internet and MySpace provide a place for them to evolve without any outside coercion. They flex their individuality and pull away from the collective social herd. That's where we come in!!!!! Power to the People Right On!!! And you have got to appreciate a radio station that is so honest, it actually listens to the youth, and in fact adjusts its playlist according to the voice of the youth. What a great time it is for indy bands. Let Freedom Ring!!!

— Jared

(Hed)'s "Suffa" Video Available+Tour Dates

Southern California's (hed)pe have recently shot a politically charged video for “Suffa,” the first single from their upcoming new album “Insomnia,” which is slated for a July 17, 2007 release through Suburban Noize Records. The video can be viewed online here.

"We were trying to accomplish a couple things with the video. First, we wanted to get into the warrior mindset, and give respect to the troops,” said (hed)pe front man Jared Gomes. “Second, we wanted to stimulate thought about politicians, all over the world, who never see a battlefield and never step into the line of fire."

The album is the follow-up to last year's Suburban Noize debut, Back 2 Base X, which lead to the group embarking on back-to-back sold out tours with Papa Roach and the Kottonmouth Kings, and headlining tours in Europe and Japan.

"This album turned out heavier than the last one, because that just seemed like the natural evolution of things. Having experimented with vintage 70s punk themes, we wanted to blend them with our heavier inclinations. We came a bit darker and moodier on this joint than on 'Back 2 Base X,'” says Gomes about the shift towards a heavier sound on the band's new album. “The lyrics stayed true to illuminati and new world order themes, but we also provided some straight club bangers, as well as the always appreciated ‘sexcore.' We are definitely proud of ‘Insomnia,' and we know our people are going to love this one."

In the meantime the dates have been announced for the upcoming Strange Noize Tour featuring (hed)pe, Tech N9ne, Kottonmouth Kings, Blaze Ya' Dead Homie and Subnoize Souljaz. A European tour will follow in September.

Peep Tour dates

Special Message from Jahred

One Week Left Before the New Album, Insomnia, Hits the Streets! Special Message from Jahred!!

Hey, I'll make a deal with you, if you preorder the CD, I'll hook you up with some VIP privileges. First of all, I promise to meet you at the tour bus, and sign your copy…

Second, the preorder CD will be the VIP PASS into the after parties we throw on tour.

And, just so you know, the preorder CD, has an alternate cover, that was drawn by a well known West Coast Tattoo artist, and the art is _ing sick, anyway, I'll sign that shit, and and kik it for a minute.

But seriously, the cover will be your "PASS" for future VIP privileges, cuz, if you do for me, I'll do for you.

You feel me???

So hook it up, I promise that shit will be worth it, cuz you never know what kind of free shit we might have for the faithful who preorder our INSOMNIA joint:

Could be some Bubba Kush, could be some jager, could be any kind of free schwag we got layin around on tour, and believe me, we always got some sweet shit.

So, its ya boy Jahred askin you to hook up the VIP pass/preorder CD, and I'll definitely return the love when I see you on the road…

Peace and Love and Love Peace


Atlantis A.D.
July 3rd, 2007

Video Premiere!!!

Check out the killer promo video for SUFFA Video Clip!
World Premiere: Mon. July 2nd @ 420 EST
Watch Video


Release date of "Insomnia" Pushed Back +Track List & Cover CD

The release date of the new (hed) CD has been pushed back; it is now slated to drop July 17, 2007.

Check the official tracklisting of the upcoming CD:

1. Madhouse
2. Walk on By
3. Game Over
4. Habus
5. Suffa
6. Comeova2nite
7. C2GU
8. Rto
9. Mirrorballin
10. Tienanman Swuared
11. Children.
12. Atlantis A.D.
13. Wind Me Up
14. Don't Let Me Down

(Hed)p.e. New Album!!

(hed)p.e. are wrapping up work on their new album "Insomnia" which will see a June 26th release date through Suburban Noize.

As reported by wookubus from The PRP

DURESS - Makes first video!

Duress has just wrapped up the filming of their first video. It's for the song "Blow"

Kick-ass video here!


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