*contains texts written by Kim G.

The band (hed) p.e. is formed on New Year's Day in '94. Jahred, on the formation: "Chad was already my roommate and then me and Mawk knew each other since we were kids. Me and Mawk used to put together this or that shitty band. So me and Mawk's band played with Wes and BC's band, then we got together, the four of us. Then we pulled Chad in as my roommate on guitar. Then, we just found Doug (DJ Product) at some local bar, the Lava Room or some shit like that in Costa Mesa.

The HED in (hed)p.e. stands for higher thought and the "p.e." (added to the band's name to avoid an impending lawsuit from a similarly named band called HEAD) means "Planet Earth," symbolizing the spiritual interconnectedness of people. The "p.e." originally meant "Planetary Evolution."

HED got their start by gigging in 1994 with Korn and Deftones.

Jahred's nickname M.C.U.D. originated when he was in jail. Jahred says "I was in jail and this brother came up to me and said 'I got this nickname for you, M.C.U.D. (MC Underdog).' I just kept the M.C.U.D. and changed it to MC Undone."

A couple years before the video, Jahred briefly dated the naked chick from the Blackout video (he didn't know she was being cast for the video, though).

That little turn around dance that Jahred does at the end of the Blackout video? Thank Redman. Jahred ripped off his moves.

Blackout's "Suck it Up" is featured on EA Sports Madden NFL 2003 video came and "Getaway" can be heard on EA Sports' Nascar Thunder 2003 video game.

HED's S/T CD has sold over 150,000 units virtually with no airplay. HED's Broke CD shifted over 250,000 units and continues to sell well even though it was released back in August 2000. To date, HED's Blackout CD has sold a little over 100,000 units.

One of the first songs (hed) wrote was "Hill." Jahred identifies "Hill" with the plight of Sisyphus, the mythological figure who spends eternity pushing a boulder up a steep hill, only to have it roll back down.

(hed)'s music was coined the term "G-Punk" - which is simply (hed)'s house brand name for its rock/hip-hop hybrid. Basically, G-Punk is a mixture of punk and rap.

(hed)'s "Tired of Sleep" is about a yearning for meaning beyond the cycle of desire and wish-fulfillment that rules many American lives.

"Bitches", which has nothing to do with the typical rap misogyny, is using religious imagery to pray for cleansing and release.

The video for Blackout was shot in Janurary 2003 at the seedy Alexandria Hotel in Downtown Losa Angeles with Vem and Tony (Cam'ron, Apex Theory) at the director's helm. Coincidentally, Vem and Tony directed the (hed) video "Bartender."

The treatment for the Blackout video: Per Jahred: "The idea [the directors] came with was human silhouettes to go with the whole blackout theme, which was right on, about it being about feeling like an outcast."

"IFO" is about awaiting the arrival of an advanced civilization from space. Ed Note: Jah must have been smoking some bad shit when he came up with that idea!

In "Darky" Jahred expresses his experiences being multiethnic and growing up primarily among white people. "Darky" is about not judging people and trying to walk in somebody else's proverbial shoes.

(hed)'s single "Bartender" hit the radio airwaves in the Summer of 2000, peaking at #17 on the Active Charts and #27 on the Alternative Charts.

(hed) toyed with the idea of calling their Broke CD "12 Steps."

Serj from System of a Down and Morgan from Kittie both appear on the (hed) song "Feel Good."

East Bay Ray of the Dead Kennedys appears on the (hed) track "Waiting To Die."

TiLo (formerly) of Methods Of Mayhem was (hed)'s former back-up singer.

Both Jahred and Product appear on the track "I Know Where You're At" (off of the Lynn Strait tribute album, "Strait Up").

(hed) contributed their version of 'Sabbra Cadabra' to the 2000 BLACK SABBATH tribute album 'Nativity In Black II'

The band's first public release was "SPAM", which appeared on the "Independence Day '95" CD.

The beat up car (covered in graffiti) that is featured in (hed)'s video "Ground" was Product's. He drove that car daily until it finally broke down in 1999.

After the line-up change, Jahred toyed with a bunch of different names before deciding to keep the name of the band (hed). Previous names include: Hek.tik, Phoenix Jones, Fenix Jones, Fenix One and Lost Cause. He opted to keep the band name (hed) because he originally came up with the name and will continue to play old (hed)p.e. songs during his live shows.

The tracks "Stepping Stone", "War", and "C.B.C." are all songs Jahred wrote for his "side project" while the band was still (hed)p.e. Originally, the demo contained six tracks and Jahred condensed it to three.

Jahred's original demo for his "side project" (which is now the new hed) contained the tracks "Stepping Stone", "War", "My Bitch", "American Dream", "C.B.C." and "Chicken."

Back 2 Base X is a word play for "Back to basics". This suggests that this album will be more punk/rock instead of rap.

Liberation - cut out from Blackout, available later on "Blackout Advance Promo."

Buzzkill - cut out demo from Blackout.

Sundown - written by Chad Benekos before he left the band, it was cut off the American issue of blackout and only issued with another track, dracula on the japan release of the album.

Set It Off - Primer 55 song, Jahred sings chorus there.

Kerosene - made by Drown and (hed)p.e.

Dj Product appear on the track "Garbage Grove" of the Sublime album, "Second-Hand Smoke").


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