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(Hed)p.e. - Insomnia - 2007

To that end (hed)p.e.'s newest release, Insomnia, is an exhibition in fusion between punk rock, hip hop, jazz, reggae, heavy metal, and thrash. Insomnia can't be labeled and it can't be described in words, in fact, to accurately write about Insomnia and its influences would take more than a page, with each bar of music containing a potpourri of genres. And that's not to say (hed)p.e. has stopped pushing the musical envelope, straying further into the musical taboo than the mainstream. “There's other times when we try and make it obvious,” notes Jared on (hed)p.e.'s lack of complacency fitting into a scene. “It's more of a bipolar thing where we're going straight from pure punk into pure hip hop.” That may not be standard, but they do it anyway.
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