Official Bio - Only In Amerika

Source: Written by: Kim G @ - Publicity: Gio Melchiorre, Koch Records

Jahred - vocals
Jaxon - guitar
Mark - bass
Moke - drums
DJ Product 1969 - turntables, samples

Hide your daughters.

HED p.e. are back, mother_ers.

New line-up. New label. New album. Uncensored.

The G-Punk (fusion of punk and hip-hop) movement began in Huntington Beach, CA in 1994 when HED frontman, Jahred, and one of his former guitarists hooked up after always noticing each other at the same punk rock and hip-hop shows in Orange County. The two were tired of the straight hardcore vibe and their passion for rap had begun to drive their creative energies. Soon thereafter, the duo joined forces with four other O.C. musicians.

The invasion was on.

Before they knew it, the sextet were packing in local clubs and word spread like wildfire within the industry about HED’s explosive and high-energy set. In a matter of no time, big time players were amongst the audience, peeping the shows and witnessing first hand what all the hoopla was about.

Wanting in on a piece of the action early on, an exec for JIVE RECORDS made the band an offer they could not refuse. Within three months, HED inked a major record deal with VOLCANO, a subsidiary of JIVE RECORDS.

During HED’s six year union with JIVE RECORDS, they unleashed three solid, diverse albums – SELF TITLED (1997), BROKE (2000) and BLACKOUT (2003) - toured relentlessly (sharing the bill with big time acts like Metallica, P.O.D., Slayer, Linkin Park, Korn and Slipknot) and shifted over 700,000 units.

Not too shabby for a rock band signed to a label whose roster and marketing power was predominantly pop and hip-hop.

Fast forward to 2004.

Year of change. HED officially parted ways with JIVE RECORDS. Along with the label parting, the band replaced its guitar players and original drummer. These positive changes restored some lost energy within HED and also gave the music a crisp perspective and a fresh, new start.

Along with this newfound freedom, Jahred had time to nurture material he previously wrote for a side project of his (that never materialized as a band) dubbed FENIX JONES. This project came to life during the waiting game of the 2003 release of HED’s CD, BLACKOUT (the street date was pushed back a number of times).

Explains Jahred “I create music constantly. It’s what I do. I create. These new joints? They sound like BROKE, but more punk. It’s all me, my own shit, which is cool because there are many fans out there that miss that tongue-in-cheek style I delivered on BROKE.”

Wait. New material? Has the vibe of BROKE…but more punk? The fans are downright hungry for it. Now all HED needed was to sign to a label that supported Jahred’s vision and his rights under the First Amendment.

Enter KOCH RECORDS, one of the industry’s leading independent labels, known for its bludgeoning roster and massive distribution and marketing strength. Not many labels can boast about leading the independent sector with the largest number of Billboard-charting titles. KOCH RECORDS can.

The union between HED p.e. and KOCH RECORDS is one that fits like a glove…and it made perfect sense. Concurs Jahred “I'm excited because I have the artistic freedom to do and say whatever the _ I want. This upcoming release is going to be all me because I don't have any dude in a suit and tie cracking the whip, telling me what to say and how to sing, shit like that. It’s nice to be at a label that supports my vision, and my _ing rights under the first amendment!"

The production on HED’s fourth CD ONLY IN AMERIKA was swift and painless, albeit a bit of a budget shock from what the band was accustom to on a major label. States Jahred “The new CD was recorded true punk rock style. The only studio we used was to record the drums. I recorded parts of the new album in my apartment and so did the rest of the band. I mixed the CD myself in my living room. It made my head spin, but I loved it!!”

ONLY IN AMERIKA is comprised of thirteen solid tracks. The intro “Foreplay” does just that --- it warms the listener up for the rest of the CD, which is nothing short of a perfect blend of hip-hop, crunk, punk and metal.

Fans of BROKE will get down with the tongue-in cheek hip-hop joints like “Represent,” “War,” “C.B.C.,” “Voices,” “Wake Up” and “Raise Hell," whereas the punk soldiers in the pit will gravitate toward the heavier tracks like “The Truth,” “Chicken” and “Not Ded Yet.”

One thing is for certain: The new CD is not for the uptight, serious and easily offended. The lyrical content of the new HED CD makes a whorehouse look like a day in Catholic School. ONLY IN AMERIKA addresses everything from masturbation, underage sex and bondage. Jahred doesn’t stop there; he rags on corporate rock, the FCC and censorship.

If ONLY IN AMERIKA sparks controversy, so be it; Jahred welcomes it. He interjects “Nobody gets that there is a lot of humor in our songs, as well as a lot of anger. I love women, and I think that our fans understand that. But it’s also important for me to try and get people to wake up and reject all the corporate bullshit that is shoved down everyone’s throat. And that what this album and our upcoming tour is all about.”

Get ready to witness the power of hardcore.



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